OSHA aims to improve worker training program

An October 27, 2010 OSHA Trade Release anounced it has revised its policy for all Outreach Training Programs to address the number of hours each day a student may spend in OSHA 10- and 30-hour classes.  Before OSHA made this change, there were no limitations on how long these classes could last each day. 

Another concern was that, in some cases, one- and three-day training classes were not meeting 10- and 30-hour program time requirements. This concern became evident after OSHA conducted random records audits and unannounced monitoring visits.  This policy change is effective immediately and will be reflected in the next revision of the Outreach Training Program Guidelines.

To address these issues, the agency now requires OSHA outreach trainers to conduct 10-hour courses over a minimum of two days and 30-hour courses over at least four days. The agency also set up an outreach fraud hotline at 847-725-7810 to which the public can call to file complaints about program fraud and abuse.

For more infromation about OSHA Outreach Training at you site, see the IAM CREST web site or contact Mike Hinthon at (-01) 967-4707.

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