Preparing for the Warmer Months

Now that the snow shovels, snow blowers, ice melt, anti-skid material and the clothing are  no longer needed it’s time to make sure the lawn equipment is ready but more importantly to make sure “you” are prepared for the warmer months to come.

Heat related injuries and illnesses are a very real and present danger if you are not prepared.

It’s easy to be distracted by the joy of warmer weather and fixate on the tasks outside because we have been inside for what seems to be an endless winter. All too often the effects from being outside for extended periods of time, when we’re not as physically ready as we could be and not hydrating properly, come on without notice and result in a call to 911 for help.

Preventing this scenario is not that difficult as long as you think about it before heading outside. Figure water in as being more important than any tool required for the work to be done. Let someone know that you are working outside, better yet ask for help in your tasks because there is more safety in numbers. Plan water/rest breaks using your cell phone alarm clock and have it with you while you’re outside so that if the worst case scenario happens, hopefully you can summon help.

Your health and wellbeing are more important than your task.

If your job requires that you work outside or are exposed to excessive heat environments OSHA has a lot of information regarding the preventive and reactive measures that can be taken for the prevention and response of heat related injuries and illnesses. Click on the link below to the OSHA website page:

OSHA even has a “Heat Safety Tool” smart phone heat risk calculation application that can be loaded on your smart phone to calculate risk levels and give preventative measures for working in the heat. The following link will take you to the OSHA website page where it can be downloaded:

Remember, when the temperature rises; drink plenty of water, take plenty of breaks, make sure someone knows you’re working outside, have some way of summoning help,  ask for help and enjoy your time outdoors!

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