Republicans Release Proposed Budget Cuts to OSHA

As you may have expected the Republicans have released their proposed budget cuts for FY 2011. Their cuts, which equal $100 billion less than President Obama’s FY 2011 request, and $61 billion in cuts from FY 2010 funding.

OSHA is one of the agencies that have been targeted. The Republicans are proposing $99 billion in cuts to OSHA from FY 2010 levels ($558. million), a nearly 20% cut. The proposed cuts are as follows:

  • Federal OSHA enforcement $41.3 million
  • State enforcement $14.9 million
  • Safety and Health Standards $3.0 million
  • Technical Support – $4.2 million
  • Safety and Health Statistics – $34.9 million (eliminated) – this is the data initiative, enforcement data etc, not the BLS survey.
  • Executive Direction – $0.7 million

These cuts would cripple the agency. They are made even worse since the FY is nearly half over.

MSHA also has been targeted for a small cut. There is no specific information on NIOSH.

The Republicans have also targeted the NLRB ($50 billion in cuts) and EPA with a $3 billion cut.

The list of Republican cuts can be found at

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