Training Materials

The IAM&AW has acquired Safety and Health Training material from the Canadian Workers Health & Safety Centre. This material is available to the membership in both the United States and Canada upon request. When requesting copies of this material it must be in writing to the Safety and Health Department: Attn. Joe Abshire, 9000 Machinists Place, Room 117, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687.

The following is a list of available material by subject matter. 

Chapter 1 Staying Alive While Earning a Living
Chapter 2 Body and the Workplace
Chapter 3 Cancer
Chapter 4 Reproductive Hazards
Chapter 5 Toxic Substances
Chapter 6 Principles of Control
Chapter 7 Legislation (Provincial)
Chapter 8 Legislation (Federal)
Chapter 9 Joint Health and Safety Committees
Chapter 10 Safety and the Myth of the Careless Worker
Chapter 11 Looking at the Workplace
Chapter 12 Investigating and Reporting
Chapter 13 Noise & Vibration
Chapter 14 Stress
Chapter 15 Violence in the Workplace
Chapter 16 AIDS in the Workplace
Chapter 17 Office and Clerical Hazards
Chapter 18 Indoor Air Quality
Chapter 19 Principles of Ventilation
Chapter 20 Designing Work for the Worker
Chapter 21 Material Handling
Chapter 22 Making Machinery and Equipment Safe
Chapter 23 Personal Protective Equipment
Chapter 24 Strategies for Change
Chapter 25 Collective Bargaining
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