BWI – March 17, 2009

India: Child Labour Mission Focuses on Strategic Directions

More than 40 trade union leaders and representatives from solidarity support organisations convened in India last March 6-8, 2009 to evaluate the various BWI child labour projects. The joint mission started with site visits in two Agra, Uttar Pradesh schools followed by an evaluation workshop wherein strategic directions for the future of the child labour project were decided.

On the first day, trade union leaders, teachers, organisers, self-help groups and child labour vigilance committee members shared their experiences. In the evening, there was a short play on the issue of HIV/AIDS by the children from the schools. On the second day, solidarity support organisations had the opportunity to input on the various aspects of the project in the light of the field visit and overall project assessment. Participants also discussed the impact of the global financial crisis on workers. Ambet Yuson, regional representative for Asia and the Pacific said “Networking is very important including government schooling, quality of education, different organising strategies, focused campaigns and micro finance.”

As the workshop coincided with International Women’s Day, the local union organised a meeting, and released two BWI publications on HIV Aids. The event was widely reported in the local media.

The mission included SASK (Finland), FNV Bouw (Netherlands), BAT-KARTEL (Denmark), CFMEU-CLSC (Australia), IGBAU (Germany), CLC (Canada), Child Learn Netherlands and the trade unions from India (BMS, UPGMS, HKMP, UPSNVPWDMS, OKKS and INBCWF) and Nepal (Nepal Affiliates Committee – CUPPEC and CAWUN). Former child labourer, Pinki Jain, currently head teacher at the school in Dhanoli, Agra also participated in the event.

EURO-2012 preparatory process is also trade union business!

The Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers’ Union of Ukraine, CBMIWUU, participated in parliamentary hearings on EURO-2012 preparatory process in Ukraine.

The union’s Deputy Chairman declared “Big sport events became big business. Our union’s interest during Eurocup finals preparatory process focuses on decent wages for building workers who have the right to receive their part of the championship profits.”

“The Ukrainian Building Workers’ Union is supported by a wide international union network, calling for positive changes for building workers in the sport business. The trade unions have achieved specific results in EURO-2008 in Switzerland and Austria as well as in South Africa’s World Cup 2010. For sure, our campaign will be successful”, said Vasyl Andreyev.

The international project “Euro-2012: Campaign for Decent Work” was launched in January 2009 with the aim of improving working conditions and wages, providing quality jobs, zero accidents on championship’s work sites and professional skills development programmes. The other targets of the campaign are transparent and fair tender contracts and enforcement of labour legislation through the European Cup 2012 suppliers’ chain.

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