BWI OnLine – April 23, 2009

Solidarity campaign USA: The BWI says ACT NOW and sign !

“Almost 60 million American workers would join a union if provided with the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, many workers are not afforded the chance. Those who do have an opportunity are intimidated and threatened by their employer” said Anita Normark, general secretary of the BWI. Today, the BWI and the Global Unions have signed a joint statement for Free Choice saying it is time for the United States to join the other democracies around the world that respect the fundamental rights of workers to form trade unions and bargain collectively with their employers. In this connection, you are invited to take two minutes to sign up our joint solidarity message to the American unions to get the USA Congress to pass this legislation into law, with the support of President Barack Obama.

We encourage you to read the Free Choice Global Union’s Statement here.

ACT NOW and sign message to express solidarity with American unions!

Burma: FTUB Delegates Freed After Six Days

Without explanation and without being formally charged, five activists of the Federation of Trade Unions of Burma (FTUB) were released on 11 April 2009 following strong protests from the international trade union movement and the ILO.

In its letter to Burmese military junta leader, General Than Shwe, the trade union movement called FTUB a legitimate labour organization and said, “This latest act demonstrates once again the determination of the junta to block any form of democratic activity and to clamp down on any form type of dissent from its iron rule.”

The five activists were arrested in their homes right after attending the historic three-day National Congress of the FTUB.


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