IAM-Delta Flight Attendant Campaign Lands in Amsterdam

AmsterdamDelta Air Lines Flight Attendants’ quest for IAM representation arrived in Europe this week, as grassroots Delta Flight Attendant activists kicked off a week of organizing activities in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Monday January 6, 2014.

The week’s activities in Amsterdam will offer Delta Flight Attendants the chance to sign or renew their election authorization card and to learn more about the campaign and the benefits of union representation.

The IAM activists also met with the Secretary of the London-based International Transport Workers Federation and representatives from FNV Cabine, a Dutch union supporting their efforts that represents Flight Attendants at Delta code-share partner KLM.

“I sincerely thank both the Delta Flight Attendant activists who exemplify the principles of trade unionism in their purest form, and our ITF brothers and sisters for their support,” said IAM General Vice President and ITF Executive Board member Sito Pantoja. “This week will demonstrate the IAM’s global reach and the power of international coordination and solidarity. The inclusion of Delta Flight Attendants will only make our global solidarity even stronger.”

“The professionalism of cabin crew at Delta cannot be underestimated,” said ITF Civil Aviation Secretary Gabriel Mocho. “These workers keep passengers safe every day of the year, yet each and every one of them could face the sack at zero notice. We welcome this campaign to raise awareness on the benefits of organisation, and offer our full support and backing to the campaign. We urge our affiliates to reach out to Delta flight attendants, to share their experiences of belonging to a union, and to help raise standards for them.”

“I’m really excited that our campaign has gained international support,” said Delta Flight Attendant Gabe Perez. “Flight Attendants from around the world that have a voice atwork are pulling for us at Delta. No Delta Flight Attendant should be afraid to sign and send in an IAM card.”

Find out more about the IAM Delta campaign at www.iamdelta.net.

Submit a request for an “auto card“.

Stay up to date with the latest campaign news by liking IAM Delta’s Facebook page.

Visit the ITF Delta campaign page at http://www.itfglobal.org/civil-aviation/atlanta.cfm
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