ILO Newsroom – June 3, 2013

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World of Work Report 2013

Uneven job recovery poses challenges to most countries

World of Work Report 2013: “Repairing the economic and social fabric”

The study analyses the global employment situation five years after the start of the global financial crisis. It looks at labour market performance and projections both at the global and regional levels.

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?  Uneven job recovery poses challenges to most countries

?  Profits return but fail to boost real economy in many advanced countries


“Global unemployment to reach 208 million by 2015 and 214 million by 2018.”

“The employment rate will recover in 2015 in developing and emerging economies and by 2017 in advanced economies.”

“Income inequalities have narrowed in the majority of emerging and developing economies. In these countries, poverty has declined and the middle-income group is expanding.”

“Long-term unemployment has increased in 60 per cent of advanced and developing economies for which data exist.”

“Large numbers of unemployed have become discouraged and have dropped out of the labour market altogether in more than half of countries analysed.”

“Emerging and developing countries represent almost two-thirds of global productive investment, compared with less than 40 per cent in 2000.”


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