ILRF Bi-Annual Report

The following was written by the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF).

I am delighted to share our bi-annual report with you, which includes a graphic of ILRF’s new strategic approach and highlights from our campaign wins. ILRF’ strategic approach builds on our long-held belief that solutions to poverty need to address systemic injustices in the global economy, by connecting local worker struggles to international policy levers. ILRF staff and board today continue building on that ethos and the opportunities abound.

The report profiles some significant wins in ILRF’s campaigns to end child and forced labor and promote workers’ rights to organize and secure a decent living. Yet each campaign win brings a new set of opportunities, challenges and the need to maintain our support for our grassroots partners, especially as funding moves on to new frontiers. Here are just three examples of ILRF campaigns at a critical juncture, where foundation funding is not sufficiently focused:

  • ILRF secured significant accountability commitments from the major chocolate companies. Now the cocoa industry is developing a new certification standard and we urgently need to enable nascent farmer organizations to have a voice in that process.
  • Despite dwindling funder interest in Latin America, repression of workers’ rights has not abated. Please help us to expose violence against trade unionists, advocate for stronger respect for labor rights in trade policy, and support worker organizing on banana plantations.
  • Even after two decades of global apparel brands setting up confidential factory monitoring programs, women across the globe continue to report that sexual harassment and corporal punishment are common practices in the industry. Help us build our women’s rights campaign!

Judy Gearhart  
Executive Director

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