ITUC OnLine – August 10, 2009

Brussels, 10 August 2009 (ITUC Online): More than one month after the coup in Honduras the prospects of a negotiated settlement of the crisis are sadly fading and the repression and violence have been continuing, with severe restrictions on freedom of association and expression and harassment and harsh repression of all forms of demonstration against the de facto government.   
The international trade union solidarity mission led by TUCA and the GUFs, which visited Honduras between 5 and 8 August, has just completed its stay having noted the determination and fighting spirit of the Honduran people, who are continuing to take to the streets to call for the return of President Manuel Zelaya and the re-establishment of democratic institutions in the country.   
The international mission, along with the National Resistance Front against the Coup and the three ITUC affiliates – CUTH, CTH and CGT – are calling, amongst other things, for the continuation and deepening of international solidarity with the people of Honduras.  
To that end, the mission proposes that 11 August be declared an international day of solidarity with the Honduran people, of rejection and condemnation of the coup d’état and for the restoration of the state of law and democracy in the country, with meetings to be held in front of the Honduran embassy in each country. The day will continue until 12 August, the date on which the social resistance movement will enter the capital Tegucigalpa and the city of San Pedro Sula to demand the restitution of the constitutional government.  
The ITUC joins its organisation in the Americas, TUCA, and the Global Union Federations (GUFs) in supporting this international solidarity day with Honduras and the demand for the return of Manuel Zelaya and his speedy restitution as the constitutionally elected President of the country.
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