ITUC OnLine – February 20, 2009

Brussels, 20 February 2009 (ITUC OnLine): In a video message on the World Day for Social Justice today, ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder has called on governments to act together decisively to tackle the global economic crisis, by stimulating economies to create jobs, regulating the banking and financial sector, establishing real global governance and putting an end to the massive inequality which has characterized economies around the world.
The ITUC and its affiliates are pressing the G20 group, the United Nations and national governments to listen to the voice of working people, and to make globalization work for rather than against them. Trade unions are demanding a seat at the table as the G20 works on the response to the crisis, and insisting that the G20 governments invite the UN’s International Labour Organisation to take a full part in their top-level meetings scheduled for London on 2 April.
These demands were also put by trade union representatives taking part in special events at the UN in New York and at the ILO in Geneva, to mark the first-ever World Day for Social Justice.
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