ITUC OnLine – November 16, 2011


ITUC Supports “Occupy” Movement

Brussels, 16 November 2011 (ITUC OnLine): The international trade union movement has added its support to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, for the day of action planned on 17 November in the US and several other countries.

In a video message of solidarity and support, ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow honoured those involved for their courage, and congratulated them for the international spread of the Occupy movement.

“From New York to London and Toronto to Frankfurt, in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries, the movement has grown and continues to develop strength.

“Even as tents are taken down and people moved, nobody can stop what has been started,” said Burrow.

“Big banks have pulled the plug on the real economy, and some of the biggest companies are only too ready to profit from the economic crisis.  Like T-Mobile USA, whose employees live in fear of company intimidation simply because they want union representation. The Occupy movement all over the world is a public demonstration of support for the dignity of work and the need to promote social justice. We stand with the movement to defend the right to peaceful assembly without interference, and against the massive and growing inequality created by Wall Street and its global financial allies. We proudly add our voices to speak out against pervasive inequality, even if the truth discomfits the 1%, she said.

The ITUC has pledged to stand with the people of the Occupy movement as they celebrate its two-month anniversary.

 “We support and defend the right to demand change. It is working people who will bring the world out of the economic crisis, not the bankers. We should not believe that the financial system can remain an invisible power all on its own.  We will re-build the economy for the 99%.

Unions around the world support and join in these efforts and are inspired by the daily examples of the 99% standing together. We are the 99,” said Burrow.

Link to Sharan Burrow’s message of support for the Occupy movements.  

The ITUC represents 175 million workers in 151 countries and territories and has 305 national affiliates.

For further information, please contact the ITUC Press Department on: +32 2 224 0204 or +32 476 62 10 18.

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