National Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month begins every year on September 15 and lasts through until October 15. September 15 marks the anniversary of five Latin countries’ Independence: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This month recognizes the contributions people of Hispanic or Latino descent have made to society. Here are some fun facts:

  • hhmonthMexico, Chile and Beliz also celebrate their Independence days during this month long celebration.
  • The term Hispanic or Latino refers to people of Puerto Rican, South or Central American and/ or Spanish Culture or origin.
  • People use the terms Hispanic and Latino interchangeably, but there are slightly different meanings. Hispanic can be defined as one whom originates from a Spanish-speaking country. Latino refers to people of Latin American origin. For example, Brazil is considered Latino but not Hispanic because Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish.
  • 55 million, or 17%, of people in America can be identified as Hispanic or Latino.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Originated in 1968.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and learn more about it at the National Hispanic Month webpage.