IAM LEADS Program Graduates Visit Spirit Station in Fort Lauderdale

A few members from the first cohort of the LEADS program were given a unique opportunity to shadow IAM District 141 Assistant General Chair Tony Gibson during his daily operations. They also got to observe the airport environment with the ramp agents at a Spirit station located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The LEADS program graduates, who work as reservation agents, were thrilled to gain firsthand insight into the intricacies of airport station operations.

The experience provided them with a deeper understanding of the various roles and responsibilities involved in ensuring the smooth functioning of the airport station. Overall, it was an enriching experience that allowed them to gain valuable knowledge and skills that they can apply to their work in the future.

The LEADS cohort included Stephanie Walker, Jill Hazamy, Wanda Santiago and Lakeisha Wilson.

“The LEADS program is designed to inspire and support the growth of women in IAM,” said IAM Women’s and Human Rights Director Julie Frietchen. “Through our unique mentoring and learning opportunities like this one, we empower women to become exceptional leaders achieve their career goals and unlock their full potential.”

“The LEADS program is very successful and showed me some of the jobs I would like to work towards,” said IAM District 141 member and LEADS program graduate Lakeisha Wilson. “The chance to shadow Tony outside of his normal job was invaluable.”

If you are an IAM member and want to know more about the Leadership Assembly of Dedicated Sisters (LEADS) Program, you can reach out to Julie Frietchen at 301-967-4747 or jfrietchen@iamaw.org.

Click here to access additional resources about the LEADS program, including brochures.

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