Local Lodge 1930’s Women’s Committee

Local Lodge 1930’s Women’s committee collaborated with a local church to participate in several projects including packing food and supplies for the community’s needy families.

The self-less group also helped to make feminine supplies for young ladies in Africa, who otherwise would not be able to attend school at that time. Providing these hygienic materials minimizes young women’s absences and encourages their education.


Similarly, the Women’s committee worked with the Sole Hope Project. Walking barefoot in Uganda puts one at risk of parasites embedding into feet and laying eggs. This causes walking to become painful and unbearable. For preventative measures, the Sole Hope Project creates shoes for Ugandan children to wear. The committee is dedicated to this cause and may coordinate a “shoe-cutting party” in the future.

These ladies embody the values of the IAM and are working to change the world, one foot at a time.

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