Why Would You March?

On January 21, 2017, in locations across the globe, people came together to march. Dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington,” it became much more than that. Women and men, young and old, participated in collective action for personal reasons, or in support of others. At the end of the day, this wasn’t just a women’s march, it was a march to support all people whose rights or suppressed and to whom equality is denied.


Maybe there were parts of the platform message you opposed, or issues important to you weren’t addressed, so you didn’t participate. That’s fine too. But there are things we all want improved, protections we want strengthened, rights we want preserved.


In the wake of the Women’s March, we are calling on our women’s committees and human rights committees to keep the momentum going by participating in the 10 Actions in 100 days campaign. More information can be found by clicking here, but the first step is identifying an issue worth fighting for. Other actions can include post card campaigns; kitchen table chats; educational outreach; community events; or other constructive ideas to move the issue forward.


The March was one day, our activism must be ongoing.

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