District 70 President Defends Unions in Wichita Editorial

In a recent editorial published in the Wichita Eagle, District 70 President and Directing Business Representative Steve Rooney responded to an article that asked, “Why are people against unions?”

The initial article cherry-picks from selected polls and cites anti-union sentiments on Internet message boards, where words such as “greedy,” “entitled” and “out-of-touch” are not uncommon.

Rooney sets the record straight with a reasoned argument that recalls the role unions have had in building and supporting Wichita’s economy. “Good union jobs have always been the bedrock of the Wichita economy, and our city is stronger because of them,” said Rooney. “For decade after decade, union-negotiated wages in the aircraft and other industries have given us a strong tax base and strong local economy.”

Rooney also reminds readers how the aircraft industry has been an economic driver for the entire state, with orders and capital flowing in from around the world.

“The aircraft industry, in particular, is money that comes in from out of state — as few local people buy business jets or airliners,” said Rooney. “This is all new money into our economy, instead of money from people trading among themselves. Wichita is the No. 1 exporting city in the United States.”

Click here to read the full editorial.

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