February 2008

IAM Sister of the Month
February 2008
Kathy Diel

IAM Sister Kathy Diel has been an IAM member for almost 30 years.  A member of IAM Local Lodge 1377, affiliated with District Lodge 10, Sister Kathy has held a seat on the executive board for 10 years.  She originally began as the Conductor/Sentinel, but has served as the Secretary-Treasurer for the past 2 years.

Working as an assembler at P.M. Plastics Co., Inc., she first became involved in the union when she was asked to serve on the shop committee.  Later, she was elected Shop Chair and has been dedicated to serving her lodge sisters and brothers ever since.

Sister Kathy says that on of the most important thing when serving as a lodge leader is to, “meet and talk to all the members in your shop.  Get to know them, get to know their issues.”  She adds that it is important to attend the meetings, be involved in the activities and let the membership know they can count on you. 

Knowing it is important to continue to learn and expand your knowledge base, Sister Kathy has attended many of the educational trainings offered at the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center.  She highly recommends all members take advantage of this opportunity if presented to them.

In her spare time she enjoys auto racing and volunteering at the Milwaukee Mile.  In addition, she has been credited with donating over 100 pints of blood to the Red Cross – literally giving her blood, sweat and tears to improving the community.

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