IAM CREST Receives $75K Grant for Lobstermen Safety Training

Under the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, the Department of Labor has awarded the IAM Corporation for Re-Employment and Safety Training (IAM CREST) a $75,000 OSHA safety training grant for Maine lobstermen.

“Creating a safer environment in the lobster industry is a goal we all share,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “This grant from the DOL gives IAM CREST funding to create a useful training program that will help countless workers.”

The grant provides funding to develop and test a new program to educate workers and supervisors on the hazards associated with offloading and preparing live lobsters for transport to processing facilities.

The program is an important asset for workers in an industry which includes many small processing facilities which currently have no comprehensive training in place.

“This training grant is an important step in ensuring the safety of IAM Lobstermen and everyone involved in this industry,” said IAM Grand Lodge Representative David Sullivan. “The risks to these men and women cannot be overstated, and we applaud the Department of Labor for recognizing the need to address them.”

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