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  • CREST , iMail , News July 14, 2016

    IAM CREST Receives $600K Grant for Hazmat Training

    The IAM has won a grant to train 66 new airline and rail workers this year to become instructors to their peers on how to work safely around hazardous materials.

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  • CREST June 8, 2016

    IAM District 19 Railroad Members Attend a DOT Train the Trainer Course in Minneapolis-ST. Paul, June 5-10, 2016

    Minneapolis – ST. Paul was the site for training 17 new I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T Associate Instructors from IAM District 19. Railroaders from IAM Local Lodges across North America completed a DOT PHMSA Railroad Train the Trainer program. The class curriculum is specifically designed to provide railroad participants the skills necessary to educate other railroad workers about

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  • CREST May 12, 2016

    IAM District 19 Members Attend a Train the Trainer Course in Portland ME, May 6, 2016

    Class Participants:  Mark D. Golz, Thomas Donahue, David Sloan, Ian Sisson, Thomas Goodford, Matthew Tyler, Christopher Pisarek, Matthew Sowers, Joshua Hartford, Beth Leposa, Jason Baron, Curtis Craft, Nicholas Brochu, Joseph Hall, Thomas Lonergan, III ,Brian Lock, Michael Decio,Sean Fritz This week in Portland Maine, 18 new I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T Associate Instructors from IAM District 19 and

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  • CREST April 4, 2016

    CDC / NIOSH Respirator Buyer Alert

    CDC / NIOSH Respirator Buyer Alert NIOSH has become aware of a counterfeit N95 Respirator on the market.While the TC number and private label holder (KOSTO) are valid, this unapproved unit can be identified by the misspelling of NIOSH on the front of the respirator.How can you be sure your respirator is truly NIOSH-approved? Check the

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  • CREST March 29, 2016

    IAM District Lodge 142 & TWU attend a DOT Trainers Exchange

    I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Associate Instructors for Airline Industry: (seated left to right) Ameche Onoh-AA/DFW, April Butler-Southwest/BHMI, Ruth Salas-AA/DFW, Mark Johnson-AA/DFW, Tomi Sue Kerr-AA/DFW (standing left to right) Paul Skody-AA/MIA, Sal Armagno-AA/MIA, Freddie Caraballo-AA/DFW, Tony Morris-AA/DFW. During the week of March 7th – 9th, one I.A.M. & eight TWU C.R.E.S.T Associate Instructors from various stations across the

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