IAM URGENT Call To Action

Tens of thousands of U.S. jobs are at stake and your help is needed now.

The DOD announced in February the awarding of a $40 billion to $100 billion contract for the construction of Air Force refueling tankers to Northrop Grumann and the European firm EADS, which makes Airbus.

Presidential nominee John McCain played a key role in the Bush Defense Department’s decision to award one of our largest military contracts to a foreign company. Defense expenditures are supposed to comply with federal Buy American Law provisions, which require purchasing certain products from American companies when possible.

Had Boeing been awarded the air tanker deal, it would have supported at least 44,000 new and existing jobs in the United States, many of them good union jobs, and more than 300 suppliers in 40 states.

IAM Members and Representatives are being urged to take immediate action by contacting their Senators and House Representatives. You can find your Representative by going to this website and entering your zip code.

Click here to download a copy of a helpful flyer about contacting your elected officials.

Click here to send a message to your representatives in Congress, urging them to overturn this decision.

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