IAM Workplace Violence Survey Results Released

Workplace violence is a problem, no matter where you work.

The IAM Health and Safety Department recently conducted a workplace violence survey. The survey identified trends that our members face on the job. Workplace violence may result in physical injury and can lead to medical treatment, missed work, stress and/or decreased productivity.

Over 70 percent of survey participants experienced a violent incident, assault and/ or threatening behavior at work. Verbal and emotional assaults are the most prevalent issues our Brothers and Sisters have encountered in the workplace.

Twenty-seven percent of survey participants experienced a physical assault along with 21 percent of the survey participants experiencing a sexual assault. It was also reported that the severity of the incident would impact whether workers reported a violent incident, assault and/ or threatening behavior at work, while forty- four percent of them indicated that the fear of retaliation prevented them from reporting.

The shocking statistic was that over half of the survey participants reported no action was taken by the employer, even though a majority of employers have programs in place to prevent workplace violence. 

The top three groups that responded to the survey were public/government employees followed by air transport and aerospace and/or SCA members.

Survey comments describing incidents that our members faced were appalling; ranging from harassment, bullying, stalking, to unwanted touching, attempted rape and physical assault. This behavior is unacceptable and needs to be addressed and immediately stopped, without the fear of retaliation from the employer or coworkers.  IAM CREST encourages all members that are experiencing workplace violence to contact your local representative and follow the employer’s process and policy to immediately report the incident. IAM CREST is available to provide additional training for joint labor- management health and safety committees to address these serious issues in the workplace.

We encourage all members to participate in future confidential workplace violence surveys to help us identify and understand the scope of the problem that IAM members face on the job when it comes to addressing this serious issue.

The IAM is committed to making workplaces safe and removing the apprehension that our members face on the job. The IAM Health and Safety Department is committed to assisting IAM members in addressing workplace violence. 

Read the Entire Survey Results

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