IMF: A Voice for Workers at Climate Conference

Industrial trade union federations representing workers in the metal, chemical, energy and mining sectors are taking part in the largest climate change conference in history now underway in Copenhagen. Members of the International Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF) join world powers, environmentalists, activists and others as they negotiate a global strategy for tackling international climate change.

The federation is demanding a strong, legally-binding, comprehensive agreement that ensures a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They argue that social justice and long-term employment policies are an integral part of climate policy.

“Climate change is an issue that is moving up the political agenda in the majority of countries,” says the IMF. “Both the politics and policy are incredibly difficult. Whether you believe in the science of climate change or not, the fact is that the will of the majority of people seems to be for some global action on this issue. This means trade unions face a choice: we can try to argue against change, to fight against the majority view; or, we can influence the debate and the outcome to the benefit of ordinary working people. The simple fact is that the best people to represent industrial workers in a fair and balanced way are industrial workers themselves through trade unions.”

For more on the IMF’s agenda for the two-week summit, click here.

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