January 2008

IAM Sister of the Month
January 2008

Elaine B. Kennedy

elaine kennedyElaine B. Kennedy has been an IAM member for 21 years.  For the past 8 years she has served IAM Local Lodge 389 as the Secretary-Treasurer; however, she has also served as President, Vice President and Trustee.

Sister Elaine is a Precision Inspector at Solar Turbine.  She says she’s always been a civil rights activist and therefore was naturally drawn to the basic principles and goals of the labor movement.  After an unsuccessful strike, very few members were stepping up to fill leadership positions.  Seeing a need she could fill, Sister Elaine became motivated to serve on the executive board at her lodge.

To ensure she could do the best job possible, Sister Elaine took advantage of every educational opportunity she could find.  The biggest obstacle she encountered was a lack of funds to provide the training.  Not to be discouraged, Sister Elaine used her personal finances or vacation time to subsidize the expense.  To those finding themselves in similar situations, Sister Elaine advises, “Don’t give up.  Be persistent.  Find a good and trusted mentor.”

Sister Elaine is a member of many labor constituency groups, she represents the IAM as an alternate delegate on the CLUW National Executive Board and is very active in a community redevelopment/reinvestment project to bolster the living conditions and employment opportunities in an underserved community.

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