June 2007 US Sister of the Month: Sharon Nave

June 2007 US Sister of the Month
Sharon Nave

Sister Sharon Nave is a 10 year veteran of the IAM and has held the distinct honor of being the Recording Secretary of IAM Local Lodge 44 since day one.

Employed as a Production Tech at Boeing, Sister Sharon has IAM union membership flowing through her blood.  She credits her father as her main source of motivation to take an active role in the IAM, as he is a retired member from LL 701 and always taught her to stand for what is right. 

She says she’s grateful for the respect of her lodge sisters and brothers and the encouragement from her husband. Sister Sharon encourages all members to be involved and for Sisters wishing to follow in her footsteps, she advises you to, “learn your constitution and stand up for what you believe in.”

Sister Sharon is also active in the Alabama State Council.  In her spare time she enjoys Harley rides with her husband of 27 years and time spent with her family.


May-June 2007 Canadian Sister of the Month
Valerie Byrne

Valerie Byrne has been a member of Local Lodge 1295 for nine years.  She has held the position of Recording Secretary for one year, but has prior Executive Board service as a Trustee. 

An employee of Arvin Meritor in Canada, Sister Valerie’s union interest was sparked watching her best friend become more involved in the union and become a voice for the members.  Wanting to contribute to the growth and strength of the Union, Sister Valerie began by learning more about employee rights under their collective bargaining agreement and the IAM Constitution.  Believing a safe working environment is the primary right for all employees, Sister Valerie is also Co-Chair for the safety committee and maintains safety certifications such as first-aide, electronic defibrillation, etc.

For other sisters considering the next step to being more involved, Sister Valerie recommends they learn as much as they can.  Her motto:  “Knowledge is power and with knowledge, the sky is the limit.”  She also adds that once you obtain the knowledge it’s your duty as a leader to share the knowledge and help your fellow members understand how to make things better.  She believes, “You can’t be a leader if you don’t learn to communicate.”

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