March 2006 Sisters of the Month



March U.S. Sister of the Month
Sherree “Sherlock” Andrews

Sister Sherlock is the first woman to be elected Vice President for IAM Local Lodge 2319.  She considers it an honor and privilege to have held that position for the past 12 of the 21 years she’s been an IAM member.  In addition, she’s the Educator for her local and has been very active in education and organizing for District Lodge 143.

As a reservation/sales agent with Northwest Airlines, Sherlock lost back pay over a bidding error and missed time limits.  She decided it was time to, “put in or shut up.”  She started asking questions and became interested.  With the encouragement of her lodge’s Executive Board and the mentoring of other union brothers and sisters, Sherlock learned more about the union through WIN conferences, Winpisinger Center classes and other trainings.  She says the friendly environment at Local 2319 fosters personal growth through trade unionism and encourages all the members to get and remain active.

Sherlock advises anyone thinking of getting involved in their lodge to, “start by attending the meetings, volunteer when needed and jump on every education opportunity that crosses your path.”  She continues, “always treat others as you would like to be treated, be a good listener, don’t gossip and always remember to thank those who help you.”

Recognizing that today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders, Sherlock spends a lot of time mentoring them and providing instruction for 6th through 8th grade Sunday school.  She says, “it’s never a dull moment with teenagers… they give me gray hairs and make me laugh til I cry.”



Canadian Sister of the Month
Noreen Schmitt

Sister Noreen is the Recording Secretary for Local Lodge 764 in British Columbia, Canada.  She has been an IAM member for 30 years, with 12 years experience serving on the Executive Board for her local.

As a Lead Aviation Painter for Air Canada, Noreen first became active in the union when she accepted the nomination as shop steward.  In addition, she attended weekend schools on her own time with the Canadian Labour Congress.

Grateful for her good union job that helped her raise a family and the disability plan that saw her through a long, painful disabling illness, Noreen wanted to give something back to her union.  She always did her best to fulfill her duties as shop steward and served on various committees such as Safety, Human Rights and Sick and Visiting; as well as making it a point to attend her lodge meetings.

Noreen considers herself fortunate to have the constant encouragement of many mentors.  Her hard work and dedication have lead her to be selected to serve on a Blue Ribbon Commission, elected three terms as Secretary for her local constituency for The New Democratic Party (NDP), three terms as Recording Secretary for the British Columbia Women’s Rights Committee of Provincial NDP, as well as delegate to four Grand Lodge Conventions and a host of various conferences and conventions for other Canadian labor organizations.

When thinking about getting involved with the union, Noreen advises others, “do your best… put interest of the group ahead of personal interest.  Don’t promise results you can’t produce, only promise to try your best, listen to what people have to say and get back to them as soon as possible.

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