March 2008 Sister of the Month

Sister of the Month
March 2008

Monique Edwards

Sister Monique Edwards has been an IAM member for 19 years and has been a leader in her lodge and at the Canadian National level as well.  Within Local Lodge 2603, Sister Monique is involved in committee activities, serves as the Web Steward and was elected chairperson of the Shop Committee.  However, among her biggest accomplishments is representing her lodge on the Canadian National Women’s Committee and serving as Vice Chair for the Manitoba Federation of Labour Women’s Committee.  In Canada, provincial Federations of Labour are equivalent to State Councils in the United States.  She was also recently selected as a representative to the 2008 Governor Generals Canadian Leadership Conference.

Employed as an Intermediate Finance Agent for Air Canada, Sister Monique began serving her lodge on the negotiating committee in 1999.  That experience led her to want to do more to ensure the rights negotiated within the bargaining agreement were known to her union sisters and brothers and that they fully understood those protections and benefits.

Sister Monique is thankful that she’s always worked with a supportive and open executive board and the mentoring she’s received from her Grand Lodge Representative.  She advises any sister wanting to take the next step to becoming more active and involved to, “Volunteer whenever and wherever you can – it teaches you a lot.”  In addition she advises sisters to take advantage of any training and opportunity that will maintain and sharpen her skills.

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