November Sister of the Month

Canadian Sister of the Month
Kim Marshall

kimmarshalIAM Sister Kim Marshall has been an IAM member for 14 years and is currently the Secretary-Treasurer of Local Lodge 1927.  She has previously held the position of President for that same local. 

Sister Kim is an assembly worker at Dura Automotive. Looking for a challenge and an escape from a job she describes as “repetitive,” Sister Kim became more involved in the union.  She was encouraged to run for President, and ultimately accepted the nomination for the learning experience.  With tremendous amounts of encouragement, she won the election.

She says she’s learned to not take things personally and to stick to it. To others considering becoming more involved, Sister Kim says, “Go for it!  Don’t end up saying should have, could have or would have.”

In addition to being ST for her local, Sister Kim is the President for the Ontario Provincial Council of Machinists.

Sister Kim is pictures with 50 coats collected to help needy children get through the winter.


November US Sister of the Month
Catherine Litel

litle Sister Catherine Litel joined the IAM in 1979 and has been active since day one. Currently the Recording Secretary for IAM Local Lodge 1528, over the past four years she’s also held the positions of E-Board Member-at-Large and Conductor/Sentinel.  In addition, Sister Catherine has been a delegate to various Labor Councils, Conferences and Conventions – including the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention – and still holds the position of Chief Shop Steward.

A Machine Operator at International Paper since 1978, Sister Catherine decided to become involved with the union, because she felt it was important for the employees to have a voice.  Knowing that education was important to success, Sister Catherine has attended various trainings at the Winpisinger Center and completed Train the Trainer last month.  When talking about the challenging course, Sister Catherine says, “If I can complete that class, I can complete anything.”

Sister Catherine advises anyone wanting to become more involved in their union to come to meetings, participate in all educational opportunities, get involved in organizing and political actions.  Going with the theory that if you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work, she suggests you begin with activities and on committees for which you have an interest.

Sister Catherine is pictured above with California’s Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Angelides.

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