Pratt & Whitney Appeals Court Decision

Pratt & Whitney is adding insult to injury by filing an appeal of the court decision castigating them for failing to make an effort to preserve work in Connecticut. The appeal comes a day after the company announced layoffs in the locations they were barred by court order from closing.

Since last July, Pratt and United Technologies (UTC) have repeatedly rejected requests from federal, state and community leaders to consider ways to work with their employees, the Machinists union and the state government to keep open profitable work centers in Cheshire and East Hartford. 

“Our country is facing the most severe economic crisis in our lifetime,” said, District 26 Directing Business Representative Everett Corey. “UTC’s response to their court defeat is not just a slap in the face to workers, it’s an insult to the taxpayers of this country, who pay this corporation millions of dollars every year.  They’re no different than Goldman Sachs – stuffing their private bank accounts while sneering at the people who make them rich.  It’s disgusting.”

Jim Parent, Assistant DBR and chief negotiator for UTC matters, added: “They won’t win an appeal; the judge’s decision was sound and the evidence was over-whelming.  They should stop wasting time and money and start working with us. Acting recklessly with people’s lives is irresponsible.”

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