US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 Union Membership Report

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez issued a statement on the department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report released recently on union membership in 2015:
“With today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report, we are reminded again that the labor movement continues to be one of the most powerful forces for strengthening the middle class and providing economic stability, for members and non-members alike.
“Median weekly earnings of full-time union workers ($975) were more than 25 percent higher than those of non-union workers ($776) in 2015. That’s not pocket change – it comes to more than $10,000 per year. That goes a long way toward writing the mortgage check, paying down the car loan, or even just keeping the kids in snow boots. And, that doesn’t even account for the superior benefits, safer workplaces and other advantages that come with union representation.
“Plus, strong unions empower all working people, putting upward pressure on wages and labor standards throughout the economy. After all, you don’t need a union card to have benefitted from the advent of the weekend.

Click here to read the full release from the U.S. Secretary of Labor

Click here to read the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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