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  • Local News , TCU September 15, 2017

    TCU President Scardelletti Thanks Lodges and Members that Donated to Disaster Relief

    In a recent letter to all Local Lodge Officers from TCU President Bob Scardelletti: We have all seen the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and now Irma. Many people have damaged homes, loss of property and injuries. We have many TCU Brothers and Sisters that have been affected by these storms. Both TCU Locals and

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  • Local News , TCU September 8, 2017

    Resources Available for TCU Members Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

    Union Plus released this flyer about the help they provide for union members impacted by hurricane Harvey. Here are more resources and programs available to TCU/IAM members impacted by Hurricane Harvey in southeastern Texas. 1.    A $500 Disaster Relief Grant from Union Plus To qualify for the $500 disaster relief grant, eligible members must participate

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  • Legislative Outlook , TCU September 8, 2017

    House votes down amendment to defund Amtrak

    On Wednesday evening, the House of Representatives voted on various amendments to the Transportation Appropriations bill, including one from Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) to defund Amtrak. Thankfully, the amendment failed with 128 voting in favor versus 293 voting against.  This vote serves as a litmus test to who is really on our side. Voting to defund

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  • Local News , TCU September 6, 2017

    TCU President Scardelletti asks All TCU Locals to Donate to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund

    From TCU President Bob Scardelletti’s letter to all Local Lodge Officers: We have all seen the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey on TV. Thousands of people are suffering injuries, losses of property and the possibilities of displacement, as well as replacing and rebuilding needs. This is affecting us all, because in hundreds of cases they

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  • Local News , TCU September 4, 2017

    Labor Day on the Heels of Harvey: A Call for Community

    A Labor Day Message from IAMAW President Martinez The title of one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s last books poses a question: “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” After one of the worst natural disasters in American history, we can ask ourselves the same thing. Hurricane Harvey flooded hospitals and destroyed homes;

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