Amtrak Announces How the 1.3 Billion in Stimulus Funding Will be Spent

In a March 25, 2009 press statement Amtrak released a list of capital projects to be funded by $1.3 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The investment package is divided into two separate accounts: one for railroad and station projects funded at $845 million and one for security and life safety projects funded at $450 million.

In the statement Amtrak President Joe Boardman said “These Amtrak projects fulfill all of the objectives of the ARRA, and more. They are ‘shovel-ready;’ they will improve the efficiency and accessibility of Amtrak trains and facilities; and we estimate they will result in the retention or creation of approximately 6,000 jobs.”

Some of the major investments will be the Niantic River Bridge replacement in Connecticut ($100 million) and the upgrade of 10 other bridges in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York ($65 million). A more detailed list of the investments is in the links below.

The $450 million Security and Safety fund will be used for investments in security aimed to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance efficiency at Amtrak facilities.

Click here to read the Amtrak release of details about the projects.

Click here to view the projects State by State.


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