Amtrak Celebrates 40th Anniversary

At an event held at Washington’s Union Station, the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) congratulated Amtrak on four decades as America’s railroad and expressed optimism for the company’s bright future as a leader in modern passenger trains.

NARP Chairman Robert Stewart said, “Amtrak had defied its critics by refusing to die—and by growing into a vital piece of the U.S. transportation system that so many Americans could not do without…I thank the Amtrak employees for 40 years of poise, dedication, and sacrifice—sometimes even that of their lives—which have allowed America’s passengers to travel safely and comfortably over the decades.”

TCU President Bob Scardelletti said, “Amtrak has shown how strong and important passenger rail can be in good times and in bad. Time and time again many administrations tried to zero fund Amtrak out of existence yet here it still stands…on pace to have record ridership and its best service in history.”

“Amtrak is the answer,” Scardelletti continued, “If you want a world class high speed rail system in the United States, then provide Amtrak with a dedicated long-term funding source.”

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