Amtrak to Install Inward-Facing Cameras in Locomotives

By the end of this year, Amtrak will begin installing inward-facing video cameras in some of its locomotives in service on the Northeast Corridor, and all subsequently delivered locomotives will have the equipment installed before they go into service, providing an additional measure of safety and an additional tool to monitor locomotive and engineer performance, officials recently said.

“Inward-facing video cameras will help improve safety and serve as a valuable investigative tool,” said Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman. “We have tested these cameras and will begin installation as an additional measure to enhance safety.”

Amtrak will install the cameras first in the 70 ACS-64 locomotives that will power all Northeast regional and long-distance trains among Washington, DC, New York and Boston and Keystone ­Service among New York, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA.

Amtrak is also developing a plan to install the inward-­facing cameras in the rest of its locomotive fleet, including Acela Express power cars and diesel locomotives.

Amtrak already installed outward-­facing cameras on locomotives, along with advanced systems that monitor locomotive and engineer actions.

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