Amtrak Ridership Growing in all Regions of the Country

In a recent statement from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Administrator Joe Szabo, he pointed to major growth in Amtrak ridership across the country.

Szabo said, “Amtrak’s overall performance is best characterized as a Cinderella story.  Ridership is booming and robust in nearly every region of the country over the last decade, with annual ridership records set in eight out of the last nine years”

He went on to point out some of the ridership increases:

  • In the Northeast, Amtrak accounts for 75 percent of the Rail/Air travel between Washington and New York

  • In the Southwest, ridership between Oklahoma City and Texas is up 28 percent

  • In Michigan, the ridership between Detroit and Chicago is up 57 percent

  • In the Pacific Northwest, ridership between Seattle and Portland is up 68 percent

  • In Wisconsin, the ridership between Milwaukee and Chicago is up 91 percent

  • In California, ridership between San Jose and Sacramento is up 123 percent

  • In Pennsylvania, ridership between Harrisburg and Philadelphia is up 128 percent

  • In North Carolina, ridership between Charlotte and Raleigh is up 155 percent 

“These ridership numbers show that the investment in Amtrak needs to be dedicated and long-term,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “Amtrak can be a world class high-speed passenger rail system with continued funding. This election is critical; the Republicans have made it clear they intend to tear Amtrak apart. All TCU members must know that a vote for Romney is a vote to kill Amtrak.”

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