Amtrak President Boardman Continues Emphasis on Growth

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Amtrak President Joe Boardman continued to lay out his vision of making Amtrak the key player in high speed rail and traditional passenger rail in the United States.

Boardman cited the experience and expertise of Amtrak employees as a critical advantage Amtrak had in the high speed rail competition now being conducted by many states. “

“There isn’t anybody in this country that knows how to run electrified rail other than Amtrak. There isn’t anybody in this country that knows how to build and maintain [high-speed] track other than Amtrak. The people at Amtrak are the key to its success,” Boardman said.

TCU President Bob Scardelletti applauded Boardman’s aggressive policy to expand Amtrak’s marketplace. “We finally have a President that believes in Amtrak as a company, as a valuable asset to our country with growth potential and the only entity  to operate the future high speed rail in the U.S.”, says Scardelletti.  “This welcome policy provides Amtrak employees with not only job security but with the pride of working at a company with a bright future so vital to our national welfare. This contrasts starkly with years past, when Amtrak presidents were at war with their employees, denigrating them at every turn, and advocating the shrinking of Amtrak as much as possible.”

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