Amtrak Urges FRA to Make Amtrak the Cornerstone of a National High-Speed Rail Network

Amtrak is urging the FRA to use Amtrak as the principal provider for the expansion of high-speed rail across the United States and provide a clear vision of where that expansion will be.

“Amtrak’s existing national intercity passenger-rail system should be recognized in the National Rail Plan (NRP) as the foundation for the development of an expanded network of high-speed and conventional rail services spanning key corridors across the United States, said Amtrak Vice President of Policy and Development Stephen Gardner in a prepared statement.

Amtrak’s high-speed services in the Northeast Corridor, short-distance services run in partnership with the states and overnight long-distance services are a “solid base on which to build a truly 21st century national intercity passenger-rail system,” said Gardner.

Amtrak also noted that a dedicated source of “reliable, predictable and multi-year funds” is necessary to support capital grants for both Amtrak and states.

“Amtrak and its workforce must be fully utilized as the backbone of high speed rail in America. We look forward to the upcoming release of the final National Rail Plan,” said TCU International President Bob Scardelletti.

Click here to read the press release from Amtrak.

Click here to view the Preliminary National Rail Plan published in October 2009.

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