Arasa Division

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  • Arasa Division June 1, 2016

    Lodge Updates and Information

      Local Unit Meeting Minutes Other Information 5001 Minutes(02/27/07) 5004 5041 Website Minutes (01/18/06) 5045 New Jersey Transit M/W (1) Agreement 7-1-04 to 6-30-08 New Jersey Transit M/W (2) Agreement ext. 7-1-08 to 6-30-09 5050 Amtrak MofE Travel Agreement (9/1/2010) UP Agreement (5/21/10) UP (FE) Agreement (9/24/07) UP (SP-WL) Agreement (9/24/07) UP Agreement re Supplemental

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  • Arasa Division April 16, 2016

    Retirement of Kris Stark

    NR Miller with former GC Kris Stark/Amtrak OBS.  He had 33 years of service.

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  • Arasa Division April 15, 2016

    Union is Here – 5087

    From left to right — Local 5087 officers A.J. Pretko, VP,   Celeste young, GC,    Tom Ferretti, PR,    and John Vandyke, FST/RS. ARASA National Representative Mike Miller standing in back.

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  • Arasa Division April 9, 2016

    TCU Mourns the Amtrak Workers who Perished in the April 3rd Collision

    On April 3, 2016, Amtrak Train #89 collided with a backhoe performing track maintenance work in the Northeast Corridor near Chester, PA. The accident took the lives of two Amtrak track workers and injured approximately three dozen passengers aboard the train. TCU ARASA Lodge 5092 member Peter Adamovich was the supervisor who tragically lost his

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  • Arasa Division March 15, 2016

    TCU and Labor Coalition Reach Agreement with New Jersey Transit

    TCU, IAM Delegation at the NJT NegotiationsFront row left to right: Jason Tiller, Mike Miller, Anthony Stevens, Joe Vicari, Mark Perez, Artie MarateaBack row left to right:Glenn McCrostie, Jason McMahon, Billy DeCarlo, Don Grissom, Joel Parker, John Lacey Washington, D.C., March 11, 2016 –Transportation Communications Union (TCU) as part of a coalition of 13 unions

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