BRC/TCU Members of the Wreck Crew Receive Commendation from Massachusetts DOT

Left to right: Jason Haas-Chairman Board of Trustees, Brian Manley, Joe Esquilin, Jacob Rosko-Local Chairman, Mark Riley-Vice President and Mark Nagle-Trustee from TCU Lodge 6315.

On December 26, 2019, Keolis Train 518 derailed on the Worcester Main Line. The BRC/TCU members of the Wreck Crew responded to this Main Line derailment to re-rail the equipment and to open the Main Line as quickly as possible. Keolis Commuter Line Railroad is one of the few railroads on the country with its own in-house re-railing crew and equipment.

Chief Railroad Officer, Ryan Coholan, from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority stated, “We recognize just how important it is to have these resources available at a moment’s notice. Obviously, these tools are of no use without the skilled operator personnel available to operate, maintain, and deliver this program. I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the members of ‘wreck crew’, who regularly drop everything to help complete monumental tasks that are so vital in the restoration of service following an incident such as the above-mentioned event.”

Click here to read the commendation from Massachusetts DOT.

Click here to see more pictures of this work.

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