Important Dues Announcement Effective April 1, 2012

Dues for most TCU members who are working will increase by $2.70 per month, effective April 1, 2012. In cases where dues are normally deducted a month in advance, the April increase will be deducted in March.

Article 25, Section 2(c) of the TCU/IAM Constitution/ By-Laws, provides that minimum monthly dues, including assessments, shall be adjusted effective April 1 of each year to be not less than two and one-half times the average hourly wage for members in the railroad industry.  The average hourly wage in effect December 31, 2011, including wage increases provided by the National Agreement, is calculated at $25.03.

Pursuant to Article 25, Section 2(c) of the Constitution/By-Laws, minimum monthly dues, including assessments, will be increased from $72.90 to $75.60 – (2.5 times $25.03 rounded to the nearest dime = $62.60 + $13.00 assessments = $75.60.

Note:  The minimum dues or assessments have been established and approved by the TCU/IAM National President’s office; the April 1, 2012 increase shall be in addition to the dues or assessments previously approved.

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