OSHA and FRA will Coordinate Together on Enforcement of the Federal Railroad Safety Act Whistleblower Provision

A recent release from the U.S. Department of Labor explains the agreement between OSHA and the FRA regarding the enforcement of the Federal Railroad Safety Act’s whistleblower provision, which protects railroad employees who report violations from retaliation.
The agreement establishes procedures for the agencies to follow for whistleblower complaints. Under the agreement, the FRA will refer railroad employees who complain of alleged retaliation to OSHA. OSHA will provide the FRA with copies of the complaints it receives under the FRSA’s whistleblower provision, as well as any findings and preliminary orders that OSHA issues. The agencies will jointly develop training to assist FRA enforcement staff in recognizing complaints of retaliation, and to assist OSHA enforcement staff in recognizing potential violations of railroad safety regulations revealed during whistleblower investigations.
Click here to read the release from the Department of Labor.

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