GOP Proposed Cuts in Transportation Would Gut Railroad Funding

Democrats and transportation groups are lining up against the House Republicans’ proposed cuts for transportation spending. The fiscal 2012 budget resolution, drafted by House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan, (R-WI) would significantly slash transportation support over the next decade.

The proposed budget would slash $5.8 trillion over 10 years. In fiscal 2012 alone, transportation spending would drop $21 billion below fiscal 2011. The effect on high speed rail would be devastating; the fiscal year 2012 proposed budget resolution allocates zero funding for the high-speed rail program.

Representative Nick J. Rahall II, (D-WV) said, “The old, tired and stale slash-and-burn approach to transportation investments in the Republican budget blueprint would drive our economy off the road to recovery and back into the ditch.”

A statement from the National Association of Railroad Passengers included, “In times of diminished resources, money should be spent on projects that will meet multiple national goals and objectives.  Doubling down on an strategy of under-investment in passenger trains and transit will just intensify existing problems with congestion, lost economic productivity for businesses, increase the importation of oil, all while exposing our children to more airborne pollution.”

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Click here to read the statement from the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

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