IAM GVP Martinez Visits TCU/IAM Manpower Training Program in San Marcos Texas

GVP Visit

Pictured above: TCU National Vice President Arthur Maratea; IAM GVP Robert Martinez, Jr; TCU National Vice President and Carmen Division President Richard Johnson; TCU National Vice President David Steele; TCU Senior Executive Director Diane Dettmann and IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ramon Garcia.

Diane J. Dettmann, Senior Executive Director and Asst. to the National President for Training Services sent a letter to IAM GVP Robert Martinez, Jr., thanking him for his visit to the TCU/IAM Manpower Training Program in San Marcos Texas.

In the letter Sister Dettmann stated:

“I want to thank you and Grand Lodge Representative Ramon Garcia for your recent visit to the TCU/IAM Advanced Transportation Training Program in San Marcos, TX, during our All Staff Meeting.  It was an honor for you to tour our facility and learn in greater detail the operation of our Carmen and Machinists’ training.  I know Lead Instructor Wes Fleming was very proud to have his students demonstrate a few of their railroad training skills.  We are very excited about increasing our hands-on training with the establishment of our rail track and look forward to incorporating additional up-to-date machinist parts and equipment to create even more relevancy to the curriculum and training.  We appreciate any advice you may have regarding the curriculum and training skills as listed on the copy of the trainee achievement records.”

“One of our goals is to develop a new partnership with the small aircraft repair shop located right on Center.  This would be in line with our Department goals in expanding our knowledge and skills training in the aviation and manufacturing industry, especially as we pursue entry level employment opportunities for our graduates.”

Click here to read the letter from Director Dettmann.

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