IAM Delegates Welcome TCU to Convention, Greet President Scardelletti Enthusiastically

September 7-13, 2008—TCU has had a strong presence at the Machinists’ 37th Grand Lodge Convention being held in Orlando, Florida this week.  TCU officers, led by International President Bob Scardelletti and International Secretary-Treasurer Danny Biggs, have had the opportunity to observe convention action as non-voting fraternal delegates and many have been assigned to sit in on key committee meetings. 

Most important, on Monday, September 8, IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger called on TCU International President Bob Scardelletti to address the nearly 1,600 convention delegates and guests.

“With the IAM,” Scardelletti told a cheering crowd, “TCU’s future is bolder than ever before.”  That future, however, “will be greatly influenced by who is elected this November as President of the U.S,” he stressed.  “Senator McCain is North American workers’ worst nightmare.  He is no friend to our veterans.  He is no friend to our senior citizens,” said Scardelletti.  “He must be defeated at all costs.  Barack Obama needs the fighting Machinists.  We need him and America needs Barack Obama.”

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