TCU/IAM Welcomes Solomon and De La Fuente to their new positions in the IAM Legislative Department

Upon announcing the IAM appointments of co-directors of the IAM Legislative Department, TCU National Vice President and National Legislative Director Ron Kloos stated, “I want to express my appreciation for Hasan Solomon and Rick de la Fuente for their partnership and hard work in working with TCU Assistant National Legislative Director Mark Taylor and myself on Capitol Hill.

“I’m very proud of what we have accomplished as a team, walking the halls of Congress together, trying to protect the jobs, health care and retirement security for the working families of our great Union.  I look forward to continuing to work side-by-side with them in their new capacities as co-directors, as we face the challenges of tomorrow.”
National President Bob Scardelletti affirmed, “These are two exceptionally talented men and their appointments are very important to our union and enhance and improve our legislative power, another benefit of our merger with the IAM.”

Click here to view the announcement from the IAM.

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