TCU Veterans Attend IAM Tribute at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Veterans from TCU joined with IAM Veterans, TCU and IAM members for a tribute to the IAM.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Founder and President Jan Scruggs thanked the IAM for a $50,000 donation towards the upkeep of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the 246-foot wall inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 who perished in the conflict and dedicated to all who served with the U.S. armed forces in the Vietnam War.

IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger said, “We are proud of our many members who have served not only in Vietnam, but in conflicts from World War I and World War II, to Korea, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. We thank them for their courage, strength and dedication.”

TCU President Bob Scardelletti attended with Veterans from TCU; Ron Kloos, Alford Coleman and Kevin Gifford. Scardelletti, attending the event while at the IAM Legislative Conference in Washington DC said, “At TCU we have a high number of veterans in our membership. I am very proud of every veteran for their service and dedication to our great country.”

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to view the story from the IAM.

Click here to view the press release from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

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