Job Corps Overcomes Many Challenges this Year

This past year the Job Corps community faced many challenges.  In Spring 2012 the DOL announced that there was a budget shortfall regarding the National Job Corps Training Program.  With that announcement, came cutbacks in Job Corps contractors’ budgets.  The TCU/IAM Advanced Training Program was also affected in that a certain percentage of contract funds were returned.  In addition effective January 2013, the DOL placed a freeze on student enrollment to assist with cost reductions.  A final step took place several months later in which Job Corps programs across the country were required to take an across-the-board 20% reduction in enrollment, which prevented thousands of youth from taking advantage of this vocational program.

A new National Director, Grace Kilbane, has been assigned to bring new leadership and direction to Job Corps.  It is the hope that under this new leadership and with support from Congress, there will be increased funding for the Job Corps program.  It is the hope of the Job Corps community to return Job Corps not only to its original student capacity but to also expand.

While other programs were reduced 20%, the TCU/IAM Advanced Training program remained at 100% enrollment.  There has been much support for Advanced Training Programs by the DOL.  Effective June 1, 2013, the
TCU/IAM Training Program entered into a five-year contract with the DOL to continue its service in providing advanced transportation training for young adults at 9 programs across the country.

The TCU/IAM Training Program continues to be a top performing vocational training program. It received an “A” grade this past year receiving the highest rating among all the National Training Contractor/Union programs.

Job Corps currently has openings across the country at its 125 Centers. The National Office of Job Corps will be initiating a massive nationwide campaign through television, radio, and local community organizations to spread the word that Job Corps’ doors are open and enrolling! The program places 95% of its graduates so increased enrollment means jobs with an average starting wage of $13.71 in the Transportation industry.

“Job Corps is back on track,” states Executive Director Diane Dettmann. “We have many employers who look to our program to meet their employment needs.  There continues to be excellent career opportunities in the railroad and airline industries.  We’re glad we can get back to our priority of training and placing young adults in quality careers.”

Click here to visit the TCU/IAM Advanced Training Program website.

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