AFL-CIO endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton joined via phone to accept the endorsement from the AFL-CIO Executive Council. In her acceptance she reaffirmed her pledge to fight for working people, raise wages, invest in America, improve retirement security, and to defend the right to collectively bargain.


With the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, Hillary Clinton has the support of almost all of organized labor. And that’s a good thing, as unions and union members must begin working together today to defeat Donald Trump – a billionaire with a terrible track record of disrespecting working people, belittling the weak and powerless, and countless other offenses.


It is often said that elections are “extremely important” – and they are. Elections are the one time when working people can direct their support towards changing a society to their liking. But no elections in recent memory have had such high stakes. None in recent memory have included someone with such staggeringly low qualifications to be President. Someone like Donald Trump.


Being President of the United States requires the right temperament, the courage, and the wisdom to understand and administer policies and decisions that will place America on the right path. Hillary Clinton has those characteristics. Donald Trump does not.


TCU, as part of the IAM, endorsed Hillary Clinton last August. And with the primaries coming to a close, we are happy to see the rest of the labor community unifying behind her.



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