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  • iMail , News , Politics & Legislation , TCU September 16, 2021

    American Rescue Plan Saves TCU/IAM Jobs

    Fewer riders, fewer tickets bought and scaled-back schedules were just a few of the COVID-induced hurdles facing Amtrak during the past year and a half. All of those obstacles caused the railroad industry to lose millions, and threatened the livelihoods of thousands of Amtrak  employees.

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  • iMail , News May 3, 2012

    TCU Responds to GOP Attack on Railroad Retirement Benefits

    TCU National President Robert Scardelletti issued a statement on the passage of the so-called Ryan Budget in the U.S. House of Representatives. The measure includes a provision stating railroad retirement benefits “are more generous than Social Security.” The budget goes on to call for legislation to conform railroad retirement Tier 1 benefits “so that its

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  • iMail , News March 22, 2012

    BNSF Sick Policy Draws EEOC Discrimination Charges

    The value of good union representation often goes far beyond securing good wages, benefits and working conditions. For members of TCU-IAM and Railroad District 19 employed by Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), it’s having the ability to challenge a management order requiring employees to report illnesses and accidents that occur outside the workplace or on

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  • iMail , News November 15, 2011

    Winners Named in 2011 Newsletter & Website Competition

    The winners in the 2011 IAM Newsletter and Website Contest have been chosen. The District and Local Lodge first place winners for each category are: In the Newsletter Category – Top honors for General Excellence goes to NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 in Washington, DC for The Federal Employee and to Local Lodge 869 in Montreal,

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  • iMail , News June 30, 2011

    GOP Plan for Amtrak Called Unconstitutional

    The ranking Democrat of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says the Republican plan to privatize Amtrak is unconstitutional. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) says it violates the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. “It is also likely that the proposal violates the Takings Clause because it takes Amtrak’s private property without just compensation,” said Rep.

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