Perspective on Election 2008–What’s at Stake

From International President Robert A. Scardelletti—

Senator Obama has won TCU’s endorsement for President because he demonstrates a strong knowledge of the issues that matter most to TCU members.  More importantly, he shows a real commitment to act on our behalf.  Senator Obama is committed to rebuilding America’s middle class; he is the person this nation needs as President to lead us out of the economic hard times brought to us by eight years of Republican policies.

As TCU President, I have had the opportunity to meet directly with Senator Obama to discuss our issues.  I am confident that as President, Senator Obama will be open to helping TCU members whenever we call upon him.

This is especially important because the President of the U.S. appoints the top officials of the government agencies we work with—for example, the Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, National Mediation Board, National Labor Relations Board, Surface Transportation Board, Railroad Retirement Board, and Federal Railroad Administration.  Each of these agencies has a profound effect on the members of our union.  It is vital that those appointed to these offices not only understand our issues but are supportive of working people.  Senator Obama has committed to us that he will appoint men and women who understand what working families face and who will work hard to see that labor laws are enforced.

Senator Obama understands that the economy of the United States must be strengthened in order to keep our country strong.  He has a plan to do this by having the richest Americans pay their fair share, by reducing taxes on the middle class, and by making those corporations that send American jobs overseas pay taxes on all the profits they make both in the United States and in foreign countries. 

For all these reasons I support Senator Barack Obama one hundred percent.  I hope you will, too.

Posted October 10, 2008

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